Understand why women don't feel safe and do your part to combat it.

Ways to make women feel safe when you see them in public.
Please refrain from:

  • Asking women to smile or trying to speak with a woman when they are alone.
  • Pulling up next to women in your car and trying to speak with them, especially late at night.
  • Ignoring harassment or suspicious behavior towards women that you may witness--by strangers or friends. Speak up!

Be aware of how you treat or approach women in certain settings. Sometimes, interactions with men may come off as a threat to women’s safety, whether that’s the intention or not. Here’s what you can do:

  • Check in on your women friends, listen and relay to other men.
  • Stand up for women that you see being approached or harassed.
  • Talk to your friends about consent, sexism and aggression; it may prevent such actions from happening in the future.
  • If you see a woman alone at night or any similar scenario, cross the street, back off and show that you mean no harm. Regardless of your intention. 

Educate yourself. Understand how threatening and intimidating it can be for women to simply be out in the world.