We stand alongside our Asian-American and Pacific Islander peers and will fight against the violence, hatred and racist attacks that have infiltrated the community.

R2AC will continue to work hard to fight against all social injustices today and every day. Learn how you can support the AAPI community.


Books to Read:

  • Minor Feelings
  • If They Come for Us
  • Interior Chinatown
  • The Farm
  • The Joy Luck Club
  • Dear Girls
  • In the Country
  • The Woman Warrior
  • Know My Name

Take action

Call your representative and ask what they’re doing for the Asian community. Amplify and share AAPI stories and check in on your AAPI friends & family. Support local Asian owned businesses and donate to Asian and Pacific Islander organizations.


Language and Victim Assistance
Advancing Justice-LA’s hotlines prioritize assistance to low-income persons in the following areas of law: incidents of hate and racism, discrimination, housing rights, family law, domestic violence, immigration, employment, and civil rights.

  • English/Other: 888.349.9695
  • Chinese: 800.520.2356
  • Korean: 800.867.3640
  • Tagalog: 855.300.2552
  • Thai: 800.914.9583
  • Vietnamese: 714.477.2958