We are celebrating Black creatives, the history of Black music and the importance of Black culture today and every day. Take some time to do the same by reading how you can honor Black history.

  1. Explore the history of Black music.
  2. Shop Black-owned businesses.
  3. Read a book by a Black author.
  4. Donate to a Black organization.
  5. Host a Black film marathon, safely or virtually.
  6. Learn about an unsung hero of Black history.
  7. Read a biography of an influential Black figure.
  8. Call out racism and prejudice in your community.
  9. Donate to a historically black college or university. (HBCU)
  10. Support a Black creative. (artist, poet, musician, etc.)
  11. Engage in healthy conversations about Black history on social media.
  12. Listen and learn about experiences of being Black in America.
  13. Eduacte yourself on anti-racism & practice being anti-racist.
  14. Deep dive into your style & music taste--how much has come from Black culture?
  15. Continue to speak up and advocate.
  16. Study Africa and the African Diaspora.
  17. Sign up to receive news from a Black organization.
  18. Learn about and support the Black Trans community.
  19. Support the Black media, press and the NNPA.
  20. Attend virtual art galleries showing pieces from Black artists.
  21. Attend or host a Black culture event virtually in your community.
  22. Learn about an influential figure in the Black LGBTQIA+ community.
  23. Visit a Black History or Civil Rights Museum in your local area.
  24. Register to vote and learn about local legislation that affects the Black community.
  25. Fight for diversity, inclusion and anti-racism in your workplace, school or community.
  26. Talk to your friends & family about how you can help dismantle systemic racism.
  27. Plan how you will continue to celebrate Black people and culture year-round.